LEAN GIRL Giant Low Calorie Protein Pizza – Only 350 Calories

Don’t read this next line if you don’t want to know how many calories are in your standard pizza….

Okay.. you asked for it.. 800 -1000 calories my girls! For one medium sized pizza!! 😱 Almost our entire daily calorie allowance!

They are also pretty high in carbs and fats contain very little protein – so not only are they calorie budget busters – but they are also not doing us any favours in the macro department either!

Not to fear my sweet dears! Say hello to the LEAN GIRL Giant Low Calorie Protein Pizza – my own version of the Tik Tok famous cloud pizza! This BIG, filling and damn delicious pizza can be all yours for just 350 calories
with a whopping 40g of protein! Yes 40!

I’ve had this pizza on repeat all week for lunch! It takes less than 15 minutes to make and keeps me full for hours on end thanks to all of the PROTEIN 💪! Now it’s over to you to get all kinds of creative with your own toppings and recreate your fave pizza – lean girl style! 🍕

Enjoy my beautiful lean girls ❤️

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